Santee residents hold petition drive to push back against developers

SANTEE (KUSI) — A group of Santee residents say enough to all the new housing developments. There are more than 3,000 new homes going up right now, and the problem is the traffic created by so many new residents.

The new developments are called the Weston, which is bringing 400 new homes, and the Fanita development, bringing 2,900.

Residents point to Mast Boulevard and Mission Gorge Road, two major arteries that get residents out to Highway 52, the main way out of Santee. They say those roads get so packed in the morning people have to leave extremely early or risk sitting in traffic for 15-30 minutes just to get out to their intersection.

It’s why they are holding a petition drive, hoping to get 3,200 signatures to push city council to give them a say in bringing new housing developments to Santee, and also calling for 12-year-term limits for Santee council members. If they gather enough signatures, voters can weigh in during the November election.

Santee Mayor John Minto responded to the drive by saying, that while there are some people who complain about the traffic, there are others who aren’t concerned. He questions the group organizing the petition, Preserve Wild Santee, calling it a political action committee.

“I support their right to do that,” Minto said. “If they want to bring something to the ballot, they should do that. My question is, those people who want to vote on this, what is their training in land issues, zoning or housing?”

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