SAT and ACT college tests canceled because of virus fears, UC’s relax admissions for seniors

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Recently Universities of California announced they will be accepting pass/fail grades vs. letter grades for Class of 2020 students. 

For Class of 2021 students, UCs are temporarily suspending requirements of the SAT but UCs are still ‘recommending’ SAT which generally means students should still study and take the test, according to Ron Caruthers at Caruthers College and Financial Solutions.

Caruthers said even though certain schools are saying they’ll extend until June 1st, he recommends sending your Statement of Intent to Register by May 1st.

Three things that universities generally look for when admitting students according to Caruthers:

  • Grades 
  • Extra curriculars
  • Good board scores above universities average (even when the schools say only recommended) Ron will go into detail about what ‘above schools average’ means.

Spring dates for college admissions tests are being rescheduled or postponed amid concerns about the coronavirus, while high school seniors may be allowed to take Advanced Placement exams to earn college credit from home.

The groups that give both the ACT and SAT tests announced Monday that they’re putting off the next nationwide examinations. The April 4 ACT test has been rescheduled for June 13 while the May 2 SAT has been canceled.

The spring tests are typically prime dates for high school juniors planning to apply to colleges the next fall. No testing now could mean some students can’t take tests multiple times to try to get higher scores.

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