Save Coastal Access says Measure E will block beach access

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Voters in San Diego are deciding Measure E on November’s ballot.

If passed the measure would amend the San Diego municipal code to exclude the Midway-Pacific highway community plan area from the existing 30-foot height limit on buildings.

A spokesperson for Save Coastal Access John McNab, joined Good Morning San Diego to explain why he is voting no on Measure E.

“The majority of the property subject to measure E is public land – there is over 660 acres. Private land is around 340 acres. This effort is designed not only to privatize the public’s Sports Arena landholdings but the rest – including MCRD and NAVWAR. It is designed to give a negative return to the property owners (the public). Beach access will be blocked.

The public is being asked to give up a right that is extraordinarily valuable to developers and insiders. By lifting the 30′ height limit, unlimited high rise towers can be built in the area with a profit to developers between $2.5 billion and $5 billion. The public is being offered nothing in return for giving up these air rights,” said McNab.




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