Save San Diego rally held in support of businesses wanting to remain open

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Supervisor Jim Desmond organized a rally outside of the County Administration Building to urge the Board of Supervisors and Gov. Gavin Newsom to allow San Diego County businesses to remain open despite the state-mandated restrictions brought on by the most restrictive Purple Tier.

El Cajon Mayor Bills Wells, Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey, Data expert Justin Hart, and many other business owners spoke at the rally to explain their opposition to Newsom’s orders, and show their support for our local businesses.

Supervisor Desmond has been leading the fight at the local level to allow our businesses to stay open, just to be overruled by state orders. Desmond explained that “businesses are being punished,” even though they are following all of the protocols.

He then touched on the severe unintended consequences that have resulted from the lockdowns being pushed by our health officials. “Our drug overdoses in San Diego County are tripling, Rady Children’s Hospital has seen a substantial increase in suicide attempts, and physical abuse, and sexual abuse. There has been an increase in internet crimes against children, because minors are spending more time on the internet now than they were at school. Our kids, our loved ones, are suffering physically and mentally, while government tells the people to abide by one set of rules but follows another.”

A major theme among the speakers was that the businesses forced to close are not the places where coronavirus is spreading in the community. Why is Gavin Newsom intentionally shutting down businesses that have successfully operated without spreading the virus?

KUSI’s Dan Plante attended the rally to see the frustration so many San Diegans are experiencing from these lockdowns. Plante spoke with El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells during the KUSI News at 4:00 and Wells explained once again why he instructed the El Cajon Police to deprioritize calls reporting COVID violations. Wells explained too many people have told him that they simply can’t close again.

In support of the residents of El Cajon, Wells said, “from the point of view from the City of El Cajon, we do not intend to criminalize that kind of thing. A lot of people are very angry and I think that is because this falls along party lines, this is a very politicized problem.”

There were no elected Democrat officials in attendance.

During the KUSI News at 5:00, KUSI’s Dan Plante spoke with the organizer of the event, a mother who attended and spoke with her child, and two other small businesses owners who shared their emotional story with our audience.

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