School increases security after attempted kidnapping

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The North County elementary school where a seven-year-old girl was almost kidnapped by a stranger has increased its security.

On Thursday, school officials met with parents to discuss Monday’s frightening incident.

The school has placed more guards on campus, and organized a special school assembly on self-defense.

In Solana Beach, school officials are taking some very proactive steps, and there has never been a bigger emphasis on safety than after an attempted kidnapping at the school.

Parents met with the superintendent of the Solana Beach School District to learn more about enhanced security after a man tried to kidnap a seven-year-old at Skyline Elementary School on Monday.

“They told them exactly what happened. They went over with them what they should do in that kind of a situation, and what to do when there are people around, when they are trying, to come close to them, so they can protect themselves” said one parent. 

So far Sheriff’s investigators have received hundreds of tips after releasing a sketch of the would be abductor.

A white male, six-feet tall, brown hair with a medium build who parked his Ford SUV in the school parking lot just after classes were dismissed.

Detectives said he walked through the main campus and approached the seven-year-old girl.

He tried to wrap packing tape around the child’s head, but the girl screamed and ran away.

Investigators said they are poring over the tips to check out report of a possible sighting.

While the investigation continues, the school district will tighten up security revising the procedures for student pickup and drop-off.

More security guards will be on patrol, and the Sheriff’s Department will have additional deputies.

Some parents said with so much heightened awareness, students at school are going to be safer than ever.

The packing tape which the suspect was trying to wind around the girl’s head is now being analyzed by the Sheriff’s crime lab to see if there are fingerprints or anything that could lead to a DNA profile.

Anyone who may have seen the suspect should call the Sheriff’s Department or leave a tip on the Crimestoppers Hotline: 888-580-8477.

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