Scooter invasion in Pacific Beach

It’s a modern new twist to an old school favorite. The scooter has grown up and become part of the “ride sharing” crowd. If you’ve been to Pacific Beach lately, you’ve probably noticed. Suddenly there’s an invasion of electric scooters, they’re called “Bird Scooters”. “I just rode one for the first time. They’re fun and they go pretty fast”, says Ruby Strawbridge.

Just like bike sharing or ride sharing, the whole process begins with your cell phone and an app. You have to be 18, have a drivers license and they recommend a helmet. “Well, we don’t have a helmet. I didn’t see anyone wearing a helmet”, says Strawbridge.

“I think it’s awesome”, says Shawn Vandiver of Pacific Beach. “My son has his own scooter and now I can have one too. Now I can ride with him. Something else we can do together.” Some have complained that the scooters are being left in strange places, like the middle of the sidewalk, blocking people from passing-by. Unlike bike sharing, there is no “docking station” to park the scooters. It’s a bit of a free for all.

The scooters cost $1.00 to unlock and 15-cents a minute. That works out to $9-dollars an hour.

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