Scripps Ranch High School athletes required to undergo COVID testing, despite vaccine status

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Before the 2021 Fall football season began, Scripps Ranch families were told their student athletes would not have to undergo regular COVID testing, if they were vaccinated.

But, three weeks into the football season, the San Diego Unified School District has changed their mind once again. They sent an email out to all parents and staff saying all student-athletes will now be forced to undergo regular COVID testing, despite their vaccination status.

The email reads, “This email is to inform you that all SRHS Fall athletes are required to be tested for COVID to be eligible to play this week. While district guidance states only non-vaccinated students are required to get tested, we are still acquiring access to the county system which allows us to verify student vaccination status. Until we get access (which we hope is very soon), all SRHS Fall athletes are required to be COVID tested once per week.”

The email then includes a schedule of testing sites for students to make appointments at.

Coach Marlon Gardinera, a leader of the successful ‘Let Them Play’ movement, joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to speak for all the parents and students who are upset with the new testing protocol.

Gardinera explained that many of the student-athletes got vaccinated in order to avoid the regular COVID testing process, and now San Diego Unified is backtracking on their policy.

Gardinera started by saying he was speaking as a parent, and getting his voice out there for the many others who don’t have the opportunity to do so. Something he says he’s had to do a lot.

“We were told yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, in the middle of practice, that all of the football player, and all Fall sport athletes, need to get tested today. But we have previously been told, per district policy, that if your child was vaccinated, there would be no need for COVID testing. Well, that was thrown aside,” he said.

Gardinera told Rudy that San Diego County and the school district couldn’t reconcile lists of people who were vaccinated, so they changed the policy to make everyone go through regular testing.


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