SD City Council Committee holds meeting on controversial carotid restraint

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Members of the San Diego City Council Committee on Public Safety met Wednesday to review the concerns that some people have about police practices including restraint techniques.

A handful of people showed up to Wednesday’s committee meeting at city hall.

“We are here to support a ban on the carotid restraint. We realize that most major cities have already banned this restraint.” Said Yusef Miller with The Racial Justice Coalition of San Diego.

A carotid restraint is a neck restraint that involves squeezing the arteries so that the suspect passes out.

Although concerned citizens at the meeting kept referring to the carotid restraint being the same as the choke hold, it is not the same according to police.

San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit, who is at the committee meeting for another matter, said the effects are different. The chief explained that chokehold technique can cut off the windpipe and be more lethal. This is a technique that Chief Nisleit said the San Diego Police Department does not use.

No action was taken during the committee meeting. Members will wait for the Community Review Board to present more information on neck restraint at a later date before it decides to make any recommendations to the city council.

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