SD County Supervisors OK over $1M in fire suppression grants

County Board Of Supervisors Meeting

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved receiving more than $1.09 million in grants for fire suppression activities, including defensible space and training.

As part of its consent agenda, the board approved the following grants:

— $793,070 from a California Climate Investment Fire Prevention Grant, to prioritize fire-prevention activities within communities and county parks, increased evacuation readiness and defensive space, fuel reduction and stronger fire suppression tactics;

— $247,059 from the state Governor’s Office of Emergency Services for a program that will retrofit homes with fire-resistant materials and create defensible space around homes and communities;

— $50,000 from the Fire Safety Council of San Diego County, to purchase fire retardants for high wildfire-risk areas;

— $7,000 from the Burn Institute, for services and supplies related to the citizen emergency response training program.

Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher said wildfire prevention and suppression activities “protect San Diegans, preserve property, and keep our communities safe.

“Annually as a county we aggressively pursue state and federal funds to help underwrite the costs associated with these emergency services,” Fletcher added. “I am excited that our team has successfully secured one million dollars more to put toward this worthy fight.”

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