SDG&E nears end of rollout for ‘time of use’ price plans

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego Gas & Electric is close to completing a nearly year-long transition to a new pricing plan called “time of use.”

SDG&E is transitioning to new hours for peak pricing in time of use (TOU) rate schedules: 4pm – 9pm, adjusted from previous peak hours of 11am – 6pm.

This is significant for solar customers because it shifts the peak cost of electricity from the middle of the day, when many solar customers are exporting energy to the grid, to the afternoon and evening when PV systems are shutting down for the night.

Some customers have already made the switch. Others will decide if they want to make a change in the next few months.

About two thirds of SDG&E’s customers have already made their choice.

The San Diego company is ahead of its counterparts, PG&E and So Cal Edison in making this transition.

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