SDG&E offering free safety checks to ensure appliances are working

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — San Diego Gas and Electric says families are spending more time indoors and heating their homes to stay warm this winter.

But did you know there could be danger lurking among your appliances and you not even know it? 

"Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and tasteless.  It’s very hazardous," said Daniel Wade of SDG&E.

And it could be deadly if it’s not controlled.

Wade said that’s why it’s so important to have your home inspected by one of their gas service technicians.

"Any gas appliance that’s not burning correctly can product that," Wade said.

SDG&E officers customers free safety checks to make sure home gas appliances are working safely and efficiently.

If you haven’t already contact them, SDG&E says now is the time.

" Especially this time of year, we have a bunch of people inside, home for the holidays, holidays just passed and it’s going to be raining this weekend and they’re going to be using these furnaces," Wade said.

In one to two business days, a technician will come to your home. They’ll check to see if the furnace is venting properly.

And that’s just part of what the gas technicians will do, free of charge.

SDG&E also warns to not overload extension cords with portable heaters, electric blankets and other heat producing products.

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