SDG&E Tier System Breakdown

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – If you’ve been shocked recently by your SDG&E bill, you’re not alone.
We’ve gotten numerous calls from angry customers complaining about their costly bills.
SDG&E follows state mandated rules which went into effect last November.
Customers may not not have realized there are three tiers of payment on a standard SDG&E plan.
  • Tier one: 0-to-374 kilowatts of energy used = $0.27/kilowatt.
  • Tier two: 375-to-1152 kilowatts of energy used = $0.48/kilowatt
  • Tier three: 1153 kilowatts and more is considered “high usage,” which is $0.55/kilowatt.
SDG&E wants to remind people- they aren’t price gouging you; they’re following state rules. The utility company also encourages people to sign up for alerts, notifying them when they are about to enter into high-usage territory. It also offers other energy plans, they don’t follow the tiers but instead, the time of day a customer uses energy, which may save the customer money.
If you were really shocked by your recent bill, SDG&E also has a bill assistance program to help out.


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