SDG&E unveils new rate hikes beginning in 2024

DOWNTOWN (KUSI) – Double digit price hikes could be coming for SDG&E customers in 2024 if a new budget proposal passes.

This comes after many SDG&E customers have seen their electricity and gas bills triple at the beginning of 2022.

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The utility company released more details on their new plan, which outlines a new increase of more than 5% to an electric rate and 18% to utility payments for the average customer compared to the expected bill in 2023.

“If the city council would stop the franchise agreement from going forward — which they have the power to do — they could sit down with SDG&E and tell them: Listen, we’re not going to let you have the franchise until you restore those consumer protections,” said attorney Michael Aguirre.

Mayor Todd Gloria has refused to speak with KUSI News about how the deal he negotiated has hurt San Diegans. When the deal was made, Mayor Gloria championed it as something that will help lower costs for the people of San Diego.

KUSI’s Hunter Sowards was live from downtown San Diego with more details.

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