SDPD peacefully ends 11-hour standoff

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego police said he fired off a shotgun round at a business partner and when officers tried to talk with his, he said, “The heck with you.”

At this point, it was time for the SWAT team to intervene.

The San Diego Police Department SWAT team fired off the first volley of stun grenades in a stand-off that lasted most of Saturday afternoon.

The 11-hour stand-off started when 53-year-old Kevin McGuiness fired a shotgun round at his business partner late Friday night.

When McGuiness refused to come out, police surrounded his residence at Garnet and I-5.

The SWAT team moved in and over the next day, conducted a clinic on how to end a barricaded suspect situation peacefully.

Part of the process is using stun grenades, rubber bullets, water and tear gas.

At one point in the stand-off, a heavily fortified SWAT truck plowed into McGuiness’s front door after he threw a red container at them, which was believed to contain explosives.

Upon discovery later, the red container McGuiness threw at the officers contained three hand grenades.

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