CSU campuses protest budget cuts

Across the state students and faculty protested state budget cuts to higher education. The protest included a demonstration on the San Diego State campus. KUSI's Ed Lenderman was at SDSU and reports on the details.

The protest at SDSU was similar to ones scheduled at all 23 California State University campuses on Wednesday.

Tuition hikes, cutbacks in courses, employee furloughs and reduced enrollment. We saw it two years ago in the midst of the recession as the state struggled with a huge budget deficit. And even though some of the funding for the California State University system was restored last year, another massive deficit likely means another round of sharp cuts.

Higher education would lose $500 million under the governor's budget proposal, but the demonstration wasn't aimed just at Mr. Brown or the state legislature. The CSU system and, in particular, chancellor Charles Reed, are also being put on notice that whatever the budget ends up being, the priority must be on students and classes, not administration and 'management bloat,' as the protestors put it.

Most of the people carrying the signs are faculty and staff. That's because contracts are part of the budget issue. CSU faculty have been without a contract since last June.

Wednesday was dubbed a 'day of class action,' and not just across the 23 campuses of the California State University system. There were demonstrations nationally as well.  As we know, there are lots of states dealing with similar budget issues.

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