SDSU Negotiations Team Member John Kratzer shares on update on the land purchase

MISSION VALLEY (KUSI) – On the verge of one of the largest and most meaningful land purchases in the San Diego region’s history, SDSU President Adela de la Torre and members of the Mission Valley SDSU Negotiation Team provided an update on the 18-month-long purchase negotiations process during a press conference Wednesday.

The event was open to members of the media and the general public.

On May 5, 2020, CSU/SDSU delivered a signed purchase agreement to the City of San Diego to acquire the SDSU Mission Valley site.

The agreement describes the terms upon which CSU/SDSU is ready to purchase the property and reflects 18 months of earnest and exhaustive negotiations with the City. It is built upon the City Attorney’s draft document, and represents fair and equitable terms that are consistent with Measure G and CSU/SDSU’s October 28, 2020 offer to the City.

Here is a high level summary of the key terms of the Purchase Agreement and its related attachments. This is the document by which CSU/SDSU will acquire the Mission Valley stadium site and adjacent Murphy Canyon Creek Channel from the City.

John Kratzer, JMI Realty CEO and SDSU Negotiations Team Member, discussed the update with KUSI News via Zoom.

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