SDSU shuts down Delta Sigma Phi fraternity

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – On Tuesday, Delta Sigma Phi fraternity was shut down at San Diego State University after they were accused of harassing marchers during an anti-sexual violence rally.

One of the marchers form that night said it showed the power of women and survivors who speak out, and that hopefully now, that the fraternity is gone, people can stop saying, “you guys are making all this up”.

The Delta Sigma Phi letters will be removed from the house at San Diego State, because the National Fraternity and the university shut them down. Why?

Alcohol and hazing violations coupled with what happened at a Take Back the Night rally on campus in November.

The anti-sexual violence marchers were harassed, pelted with eggs and had sex toys waved at them.

The take back the night event was the final straw with this, especially with Delta Sigma Phi, this is a string of incidents throughout the semester, this final one that led to this decision,” said Beth.

Amelia Ortega led that Take Back the Night rally. She had eggs thrown at her, and she said she had never felt so scared at a demonstration.

“Obviously frat culture protest this belief that women are just used for sexual pleasure, not human. They can’t treat us this way,” said Ortega.

Of the now 14 sexual assaults at SDSU since the fall semester began, six have allegedly happened in frat houses.

There has been one arrest in one case.

Greeks have since announced online sexual violence training, and the campus is holding several education events next semester.

But is that enough to change the party culture?

“I just don’t know how sincere it is really,” said Ortega.

“There’s still a lot of victim blaming in their language when they talk about this. It is up to the women to protect themselves versus holding men accountable for their actions,” she added.

The frat house was previously kicked off campus in 2008 for hazing and alcohol violations. This was their first semester back on campus.

The other frat accused of harassing behavior is Sigma Phil Epsilon. A decision on their punishment has not been announced.

Amelia said the school needs to come down harder on these people.

“I definitely think every student should feel safe walking on campus, even at parties. They shouldn’t have to be scared for their safety because there’s alcohol involved,” she said.

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