SDSU students move out of dorms amid coronavirus pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – On a rainy Wednesday, in the midst of a pandemic that has effected everything and anything, students were packing up vehicles all over the San Diego State campus.

When we talked to freshman Ruby Johnson, she was sitting in a rented vehicle, waiting for her friend.  “Yesterday I rented this minivan,” she told me “and I’m waiting for my girlfriend to put her stuff in and we’re going to drive nine hours to Santa Cruz (where I live).  Her mom couldn’t come down so she’s going to come to pick her up in Santa Cruz.”

Yep.  You won’t see many parents helping their kids with their belongings because the announcement that the school was shutting down was swift.  An email to students Tuesday afternoon.

Many students had already left and others were planning to leave because classes already only online.

Exceptions include students who can’t go home, those without a home to return to and those with known health and safety risks. Everyone with whom we spoke expressed more sadness than concern for their health.

Meanwhile, USD, which had told it’s students the school was closing on March 22nd, accelerated the closure to Wednesday as well.  The word going out Tuesday evening.  A USD spokesperson saying based on the acceleration of the health crisis, the school is asking those who can, to move out within the next 24 hours.

We note as well San Diego Community Colleges have also closed their campuses.

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