SDUSD third grader uses school’s CPR training to save mother’s life

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Third-grader Dimitri Meram was honored Thursday for using the CPR skills he learned at Green Elementary School to save his mother’s life.

Earlier this year, Dimitri’s mother collapsed and stopped breathing.

“She wasn’t moving at all,” Dimitri said.

In a moment of panic, Dimitri stayed calm and jumped into action, recalling the life-saving techniques he learned through the San Diego Unified School District’s CPR training program in partnership with the American Heart Association.

“He was pumping her chest like you wouldn’t believe, for a couple minutes, like a professional,” Dimitri’s father Frank Meram said. “I was on the phone with 9-1-1 at the same time — panicking — but he was so calm."

Then suddenly, her chest filled with air and she came back to life. 

“His spontaneous reaction to that emergency event was just amazing," Frank said. "It was something I was so grateful to the training he had here [at school].”

In 2016, the school district — in partnership with the American Heart Association, and in thanks to a $100,000 county grant supported by County Supervisor Ron Roberts — began teaching CPR and AED skills in their classrooms. The program will continue this year.

“When we had the press conference for this [program] a year ago, I remember we said, ‘If this program saves just one life it will be worth it,’” SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten said at the ceremony honoring Dimitri at the San Carlos school.

“We already know that it has saved one life and there is more to come,” Marten said. 

Frank and the rest of his children proudly watched as Dimitri was awarded a certificate from the American Heart Association.

"He acted like a professional," Frank said. "[He} saved his mom’s life. She is here with us because of that."

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