SDUSD Trustee Richard Barrera believes mandating booster shots is only way to keep students safe

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As we all know, COVID-19 cases are rising due to the Omicron variant.

But, the Omicron variant is much less severe than originally thought, and children still have essentially zero risk to the virus, per the statistics.

Dr. Anthony Fauci even admitted that currently, “many of the children are hospitalized with COVID as opposed to because of COVID.” Since all children are tested for COVID when they get to a hospital, someone who goes in for a broken leg and tests positive, has been counted as being hospitalized with COVID.

This means the hospitalization numbers for children have been extremely exaggerated for since the pandemic began.

Dr. Fauci, Democrat officials, and other people in leadership roles like San Diego Unified Board Trustee Richard Barrera have been implementing strict policies in the name of safety for the past two years, claiming children are at-risk from this virus.

In California, all K-12 students are required to get vaccinated and wear masks indoors.

Furthermore, San Diego Unified School District is passing out tests so students can test themselves before returning to campus after Christmas break.

SDUSD is congratulating themselves for having some of the strictest COVID-19 regulations in the nation, even though the facts are that students have zero risk to the virus, according to CDC data.

KUSI’s Paul Rudy pressed SDUSD Board Trustee Richard Barrera on the need for requirements, after Dr. Fauci’s recent admission, but Barrera brushed it off and said Fauci is wrong.

Barrera added that he’s concerned for the students who have missed important years of their lives, missing major experiences to aid their maturity, but vowed to continue implementing these detrimental policies in the name of “safety.”

Two years after the pandemic began, Barrera is still echoing the same thing, “get vaccinated, wear a mask and avoid large gatherings.”

Many SDUSD parents are outraged with Barrera’s leadership and complete lack of willingness to acknowledge their concerns, but says, “the answer is, all of us have a responsibility to get vaccinated, and that includes the booster shot.”

Barrera concluded his interview saying the district’s number one ask for students is “to get vaccinated,” and wear “N-95 masks.”

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