SDUT Opinion board endorses Nathan Fletcher, says he was ‘unfazed by name-calling’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Chair Nathan Fletcher led San Diego County through the coronavirus pandemic, and has been very seriously cheered and opposed for every decision he has made.

Supporters say he kept San Diegans safe, while opponents say he destroyed lives and thousands of businesses pushing failed lockdowns that were directed from Gavin Newsom.

His political opponents have formed various community-led groups to show the strength in opposition to Fletcher’s lockdowns and mask mandates, and these groups along with many San Diegans are hoping to defeat Fletcher in the 2022 elections.

Co-founder of ReOpen San Diego, Amy Reichert, has announced her candidacy for San Diego County Supervisor District 4, and tells KUSI she is seeing support.

This week, the San Diego Union Tribune opinion board announced that they have endorsed Nathan Fletcher to be re-elected as County Supervisor. The opinion piece reads, “He is a Marine who has found new ways to lead. As chair of the Board of Supervisors, Fletcher took one of the main roles in detailing how the county was handling its public health responsibilities after the pandemic exploded in 2020 — emphasizing vaccinations, outreach to underserved communities and cautious behavior in public settings.”

But the next sentence is what Fletcher’s political opponents are calling out as outrageous.

SDUT Opinion writes Fletcher was “unfazed by the personal attacks and name-calling he faced. He never lost sight of the fact the great majority of county adults were getting vaccinated and not buying disinformation campaigns.”

The SDUT opinion piece conveniently left out some of Fletcher’s outrageous statements he directed toward his political opponents.

For example, in January of 2021, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher called supporters of the Recall Newsom campaign both “white supremacists” and “neo-nazis.”

You can see Fletcher’s statement in the video below:

KUSI News has interviewed Reichert multiple times, but Fletcher will not accept our request for an interview.


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