Search the First Family, Not Mine!

Great leaders, military and otherwise, always are known for taking the first step in the fight.  They lead the charge and inspire the troops to victory.  President Obama may have to do that in this war on terror if he and his administration are going to win the hearts of the American people and get them to allow aggressive, personal body searches at the nation's airports.

 The heat is not dying down.  Some travelers are arguing that the new TSA airport searches are unconstitutional.  Some say if they choose to opt-out of the questionable full-body scanners, the pat-downs by TSA workers amount to sexual assault.   Some think the scanners emit dangerous radiation.  No one knows the truth, but many say what's happening to them in America's airports is not a reasonable way to keep terrorists off airplanes.

 Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is now saying to the President, if you want us to follow you into this battle in the security lines and give up some of our freedom in the name of safety, then lead the way.  Huckabee is issuing a challenge to the First Family, daring them to organizing a motorcade from the White House to Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC and voluntarily submit to the body scanners and the very personal pat-downs.  He said, “If he thinks this is an appropriate way for us to deal with security as he has defended, then Mr. Obama take your wife, your two daughters and your mother-in-law…and have them publically go through the scanner and enhanced pat-down in front of others.” 

 Huckabee says we need to know that it's important, even critical to our safety that we all do this and the President needs to set the example.  The former governor went on to say, “If it's ok for your wife, your daughters and your mother-in-law, then maybe the rest of us won't feel so bad when our wives, our daughters and other mothers are being put through this humiliating and degrading, totally unconstitutional, intrusion in our privacy.”  No word from the White House if aides are organizing that family motorcade. 

 By the way, if you choose to opt-out of those body scanner screenings, a group called The Opt-Out Alliance is ready to provide you with a special card you can carry with you that outlines your rights in the security line.  Just go to and look for the link to the “opt-out card”.  It won't prevent you from getting searched, but it will remind you of the rights you are surrendering when you try to board an airplane.  In the end, you must decide if any of this violates your 4th Amendment rights, as Governor Huckabee suggests.  And, you must also figure out if the scanners pose a health risk you don't want take.  If you are waiting for the Presidents response to the Huckabee challenge, you will miss your trip to grandma's house this holiday season.

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