Search continues for suspect who attempted to kidnap 11-year-old Jamul girl

JAMUL (KUSI) — She was walking home on a dirt path when suddenly everything changed. An 11-year-old girl was attacked and thrown to the ground. Fortunately, she did the right thing and got away.

“The little girl yelled and screamed and the attacker took off,” said Lt. Thomas Seiver of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

It happened in bright daylight, about 4;00 in the afternoon. The little girl was walking alone, like a lot of people do in this area.

“I wouldn’t let my kids walk that dirt path, I know this is a safe place, but I’ve heard about things happening out there,” said Kylie Chalfa, a parent of school kids.

Truth is, this dirt path is a “connector” between two schools in the area. The middle school and the elementary school kids use it every day.

“I think when anything like this happens, it’s very nerve-wracking,” said Raimee Durphy, also a parent of two kids in the area.

Even though the little girl was under attack, she managed to get a good look at the alleged attacker. The most prominent feature, a “big scar” under one of his eyes. Other than that, dark clothes, dark hat, a dark hoodie. The big scar is the key.

“Just because we’re out here in the country, doesn’t mean we’re immune to this, we all have to be vigilant,” Durphy said.

In fact, several convicted “sex offenders” have been “placed” in this area after serving their time in prison.

“We are in contact with the officers in charge of sex offenders. At this point, we’re focused on people closer to the area,” Lt. Seiver said.

Until this is solved, people in this quiet community are a little edgy. One call to Crimestoppers could return life back to normal.

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