Second chance, “Instant Justice” program to begin

San Diego's “Instant Justice” program, which allows
people cited for certain non-traffic violations to keep the offense off their
record, is scheduled to begin a 10-day run Friday, according to the City
Attorney's Office.

The program, which is entering its third year, will be in place through
July 7 for people ticketed in beach areas for violations like carrying an open
container of alcohol, consuming alcohol in public, littering on the beach,
having a dog off its leash, smoking in the park or urinating in public,
according to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith.

On July 8, eligible violators will be assigned six hours of community
service. The City Attorney's office said it won't file cases against those who
complete their work.

“This is a chance to give tourists and locals alike enjoying the Fourth
of July holiday a second chance,” Goldsmith said. “Instead of traveling back
to San Diego and/or attending a court proceeding at a future date, you'll have
the chance to give back to our community and avoid a criminal charge on your

In the first two years of Instant Justice, 109 offenders completed 545
hours of community service, according to the city attorney.

Offenders eligible for the program will be required to report July 8 at
9 a.m. to the parking lot of the Pacific Beach Shore Club, 4343 Ocean Blvd.,
and bring their citation, valid photo identification, and $40 in cash or a
cashier's check.

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