Second COVID-19 vaccine dose still necessary, Dr. Olulade says

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – While a study has found that a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine is nearly as effective as two, Dr. Abisola Olulade, Family Medicine at Sharp Rees-Stealy, warned KUSI viewers that the second dose is not to be forgone.

A single dose does not necessarily ensure long term protection from COVID-19, Dr. Olulade said.

Dr. Olulade helped debunk vaccine myths for KUSI viewers, such as the myth that it affects fertility, which has no supporting evidence.

Many others want to wait and see how the vaccine affects others before getting it themselves; Dr. Olulade noted that this is unwise because herd immunity is needed to combat this virus as a society.

Even some young and healthy individuals have become ill and died from this virus, she said.

Overall, Dr. Olulade encourages KUSI viewers to look to experts for information and to get the vaccine when it’s your turn.

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