Security increases as San Diego prepares for crowds at Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — San Diego is preparing for a big weekend. Comic-Con starts this Thursday and more than 100,000 people will descend to downtown.

Comic-Con brings thousands of tourists from out of town and it also brings in thousands of locals who just want to people watch and hang out.

With large crowds, drinking at all the local bars and restaurants, traffic and the homeless, police are preparing for what could become a chaotic weekend.

But the San Diego Police Department said they’re ready. They will be out in full force, not to arrest people, but to dissuade potential criminals. 

There will also be police officers in plain clothes, watching and monitoring the area.

SDPD already has cameras set up all over downtown to have eyes on everyone attending the event.

With the increase of lone gunmen and terrorist attacks that have taken place around the world, people are obviously concerned. 

At the Phoenix Comic-Con this year, a man was arrested inside with four loaded guns, and the intent was to hurt a performer. 

The Phoenix Comic-Con has now banned all prop weapons. 

San Diego, on the other hand, will be tagging and zip-tying all prop weapons so they will be clearly marked as props. 

Police are staying vigilant and ask that attendees do the same.

There will be a larger presence of downtown security, but not just from police.

The San Diego Downtown Partnership hired security guards to watch for dangerous situations that could threaten or frighten tourists. 

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