Semi crashes into news van, almost hits photojournalist in I-15 crash

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – KUSI Photojournalist Will Giron was taking video of a freeway crash just before noon on Tuesday when he was nearly hit by a jackknifing semi-truck.

It happened on I-15 North at the Interstate 8 connector.

While Giron was shooting the initial accident scene, a one-car crash, a semi-truck driver lost control on the rain-soaked freeway, crashed into Giron’s KUSI News van parked on the shoulder and slid within just a few feet of where Giron was standing before coming to a stop sideways, blocking all northbound lanes. Giron’s camera caught the whole thing.

"I was out here shooting a previous accident … and next thing you know I hear some tires screech and this truck just all of a sudden starts skidding right beside me, starts jackknifing," Giron said. "My whole life flashed before my eyes."

Two cars traveling behind the semi came to a stop on the freeway. They were hit by cars behind them. 

In all, six vehicles were involved in the crash. One woman required minor medical attention, but no one was seriously hurt.

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