Sen. Melissa Melendez says the teachers union preventing Newsom from reopening state

SACRAMENTO (KUSI) – Governor Gavin Newsom set June 15, 2021, as the date to fully reopen the state of California, citing low case rates and vaccination numbers.

On the other hand, many other states, most notably Florida and Texas, reopened months ago, and have seen success. But as we know, California was the last state in the country to resume many activities including indoor dining, youth sports competition, and attending sporting events.

Plus, states like New York and New Jersey are ending most of their COVID-19 restrictions on May 19, 2021. So why does California have to wait an extra month?

COVID-19 case rates continue to drop across California, and our vaccination rates continue increasing, yet, we are still being held back.

California State Senator Melissa Melendez joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego to share why she believes Gavin Newsom is holding us back from reopening.

Secretary of the California Health and Human Services, Dr. Ghaly, said June 15 was chosen because it is exactly 8-weeks after vaccinations were made available to everyone who wanted one in California.

In response, Sen. Melendez questions why it needs to be 8-weeks. Asking, “why are other states offering the vaccine and opening up sooner? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. I can tell you what I think, and that is the teachers union is playing a very, very big role in the decision.”

Continuing, “if you remember, the governor didn’t even talk about schools reopening until February, which is, you know, the school year is basically over at that point. And the state opens up mid-June, well school is out for Summer. So I question who is actually calling the shots, the governor or the teachers union.”

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