Senator Cruz calls out local Democrats for dodging accountability by mandating the CDC recommendations

WSHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – In a fiery speech, Texas Senator Ted Cruz called out Dr. Fauci for lying to the American people, and explained how Democrat office holders at all levels are implementing CDC recommendations as mandates to avoid any accountability.

Cruz pointed to Dr. Fauci’s publicly available emails that confirmed he lied to the American people. Saying one thing in private, and then telling the entire country the complete opposite in public.

Then, Cruz explained, “the CDC plays an interesting little game. The CDC says these are recommendations, these are just recommendations. And then their faithful little foot soldiers, the Democratic office holders, come in and make those recommendations mandates. There’s no one more willing to do so than Speaker Pelosi. And then by the way, the local government Democrats that mandate you must obey the CDC, they throw their hands up and say hey, we’re just following the CDC. And the CDC says hey, we’re just making recommendations. And no one’s accountable for anything. It makes no sense.”

Cruz has since been active on Twitter continuing to call out the hypocrisy and “insane” recommendations and/or mandates coming from members of the Biden Administration.


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