Senator Ted Cruz pressures the FBI on their involvement in the events of January 6th

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – Texas Senator Ted Cruz pressured FBI Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch, Jill Sanborn, about the involvement of their agents or confidential informants in the events that occurred on January 6, 2021.

Cruz asked if anyone actively participated, but Sanborn responded, “I can’t answer that.”

Cruz then went on to ask about the man identified to be Ray Epps, who was seen on video routinely encouraging the crowd to enter the US Capitol. Epps behavior was so unusual, the crowd of Trump supporters even began chanting “fed, fed, fed,” in response to his behavior, warning others not to listen to him.

Sanborn provided no answers as to why the FBI has not done anything to find out the answers behind Ray Epps involvement.

Cruz even asked directly, “who is Ray Epps?”

Sanborn replied, “I am aware of the individual sir, I don’t have the specific background to him.”

He then asked, “was Ray Epps a Fed?”

Sanbord told Cruz she “can’t answer that question.”

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