Serra 35, San Diego 8

The Serra Conquistadors conquered the San Diego Caver’s this Friday. Serra put on an excellent show for their Homecoming crown in their 35-8 win. The Conquistadors came out the gate strong and never looked back, they ha an early start scoring within the 1st two minutes of the first quarter. Josh Moran had his hand in the play making tonight assisting with 3 touchdowns and had a total of 90 yards, the team high. Others that jumped on the scoring train was: Tate Samuelson, Jonathan Ziv, Trevor Hall, and Isaiah Feeney. The win puts Serra at 2-7 for the season and they go on to play Morse next week.

The San Diego Caver’s couldn’t overcome the defense of the Conquistadors; with only 9 1st downs scoring seemed to be a tad difficult for the Caver’s. However, despite the tenacious defense the Cavers managed to sneak in a touchdown paired with a 2-point conversion late in the 4th quarter. San Diego’s defense showed improvements on the defensive contrary to what the score shows. Their defense made crucial stops on the 1-yard line of the Conquistadors and even came away with a few sacks. TheCaver’ss will host Patrick Henry next Friday.

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