Serra Conquistadors 0, La Jolla Vikings 32

Week 8 was chalk full of festivities at La Jolla high school. The Vikings opened the night with a ribbon cutting ceremony and threw an Alice in Wonderland themed halftime show for Homecoming. To end the night, the La Jolla Vikings (3-5) defeated the Serra Conquistadors (2-5) 32-0.

The Vikings were quick to assert their dominance over the Conquistadors. Within the first two minutes of the game, La Jolla’s quarterback Cole Dimich scored a touchdown with an 8 yard QB keeper. That wouldn’t be the last time Dimich ran the ball into the end zone himself. Just a few minutes later, Dimich connected with Alex Dockery in a 69-yard pass and run play that ended in a La Jolla touchdown. Dockery rushed for 53 yards and achieved 78 receiving yards. The Vikings were up, 13-0.

Later in the second quarter, Dockery managed to run the ball 5 yards into the end zone for another six points. As I mentioned before, Dimich made his name known to the Conquistadors. I could have sworn I was watching Michael Vick back in his Atlanta Falcons days as Cole Dimich scrambled through the Serra defense. Dimich executed a big 57 yard QB keeper for another Viking touchdown; the score, 26-0. In fact, he ended his night by rushing for another 1 yard touchdown. Dimich rushed for 105 yards and passed for 136.

Next week, the Vikings will face the Kearny Komets (2-5) as the Conquistadors meet their rivals, the Hoover Cardinals (0-7).


Week 8 is guaranteed to be full of hard fought games. That includes the match-up between the Serra Conquistadors (2-4) and the hosting La Jolla Vikings (2-5). Serra and La Jolla hope to improve their record before the end of the season arrives.

The record does not reflect the team. In the past two games, Serra did not go down without a struggle. Last week, the Conquistadors were down 25 points when they kicked into high gear. In the span of a single quarter, they were miraculously able to close the gap to 8. That drive for success will prove to be dangerous for any of Serra’s opponents, including La Jolla. Although they failed to win, Serra demonstrated their powerful will to fight.

The same can be said about La Jolla. The Vikings have a chip on their shoulder after losing to Patrick Henry by a mere two points. The comeback was ruined after Patrick Henry intercepted the ball during the deciding 2-point conversion to tie the game. I expect the Vikings to enter Friday’s game with a fire in their eyes. The Vikings are hungry for a victory after being so close in Week 7.

After coming short for a few weeks, both teams are determined to leave Week 8 with a well-deserved “W”. The problem is, only one of them will be able to do so. Find out which team comes out on top by watching the Prep Pigskin Report at 10:30 PM on Friday. 

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