Week 11: Serra Conquistadors 54, Coronado Islanders 0

The league championship game was on the line this Friday when the visiting Serra Conquistadors (6-3) took on the home Coronado Islanders (7-2). Both teams had a 3-0 record in league play, and battled to take first place. 

The Conquistadors came out on top the whole game producing a shut out to the Islanders with a final score of 54-0. 

The league champions came out strong scoring very early in the first quarter, and the scoring once again shortly after. 

Timmy Zebroski took control of the offense producing multiple touchdown passes and hand offs through out the game. The offense of the Conquistadors had a variety of different game plans approaching this game which resulted in a very successful outcome. 

The Defense of the league champions head produced their 5th straight shut out in a row against their opponents, which has been a huge component to the success of this team. 

The Conquistadors set the tone in the beginning of the game and didn’t let the Islander get comfortable. 

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We head out to Coronado this Friday to watch the visiting Serra Conquistadors (6-3) take on the host Coronado Islanders (7-2). Kick off will begin at 6:30 for a Central League game.

Both teams are leading the Central league in the standings, meaning the winner of this game will determine who takes first place. 

The visiting Conquistadors have been pretty solid this season based on the record they have proven to hold. 

Leading passer and rusher Timmy Zebroski has been a huge impact on the offense of the team.

Senior middle linebacker Allen Scott has also made a huge threat on the defense of Serra, making a total of 61 tackles on the season. 

Overall, this team has proven to be capable of playing high-caliber football, and always shows up ready to compete. 

The Islanders will be in their comfort zone as they have the advantage of a home game.

They have only given up two losses on the season, and are coming off of a big win against Hoover. Currently, Coronado places second in Division IV and will compete to keep a good standing in the division. 

Who will come out on top this Friday?

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