Mayor Faulconer walks with ‘Serving Seniors Walking Group’ to promote success of exercise program

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – If you were downtown this morning, you may have seen Mayor Faulconer walking with a group of seniors.  The event:  Promoting the success of a seniors’ exercise program that began four years ago.

His schedule takes him all over downtown and Mayor Faulconer told me he’d noticed a group of 60, 70 and 80 somethings walking twice a week, and seemingly really enjoying it.  So, he decided to join them Tuesday morning, from their starting point at the Serving Seniors’ Wellness Center and per his busy schedule– a walk to City Hall.

In 2014, UC-San Diego, with the help of a federal grant, began a pilot program aimed at improving seniors’ physical fitness.

Four years later, the Wellness Center’s twice a week walks are still going strong and their success is measured both with weight loss, but increased mental acuity.

And yes,  this increased physical fitness means less reliance on medications, that includes blood pressure medicine.

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