Seventh sexual assault at SDSU

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Police at San Diego State University said they have no suspect in a sex assault that occurred at a weekend frat party.

This is the seventh assault this semester.

In the alert issued by campus police, the attacker is described as white, about six feet tall, with brown hair, wearing slacks, but no shirt.

Police also included a message that some students are seeing as part of the problem.

The story is a familiar one. A female student is sexually assaulted on the campus of San Diego State.

The assault occurred sometime between late Saturday and early Sunday morning took place at a party on fraternity row.

Police at SDSU say this is the seventh sexual assault reported since classes began in the fall.

Many students say they know there is a problem. Back in September, students marched on administration offices to ask for a stronger stand against sexual violence on campus.

SDSU was one of four California universities that was harshly criticized by a state auditor for how it responds to acts of sexual violence and harassment.

The audit found that students and employees at SDSU need more training on how to handle these incidents.

University police would not speak to KUSI on camera, but issued a short statement, part of it, a safety warning:

“Do not consume alcohol to impairment, travel to and from parties with friends, do not accept drinks from others, remain aware of your surroundings.”

A clear warning to those who might be victimized.

But why not a message for the perpetrators?

Students like Rachel Tisdale say this kind of thinking does not end the violence.

John Baron say the school needs to talk to everyone, not just women.

Trenton Randles thinks SDSU needs to be more pro-active.

If this is a problem for the campus community, some say there also has to be a community wide solution.

In the last year, SDSU has formed a special title nine task force on sexual violence. This, as a means of changing policies and helping faculty and students learn more about how to file a complaint and report a sexual assault.

Many of these campus attacks are never reported, the perpetrators never held accountable.

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