Sexually violent predator, from Humboldt county, may be released in Pauma Valley

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – There is a concern tonight that San Diego is becoming a dumping ground for sexually violent predators.

For the first time ever, a violent offender from Humboldt County, could be placed Pauma Valley. Forty-year-old, Joshua Cooley, committed multiple offenses against children under the age of 14, including sexual assault and kidnapping.

District Attorney Summer Stephan wrote a letter to the Superior Judge in Humboldt and the Department of State Mental Hospital telling them the placement goes against the ruling of a San Diego Superior court judge and should not be allowed.

Stephan says Liberty Healthcare is close to committing contempt since they knew about the ruling in San Diego and still petitioned a Humboldt County judge to allow the placement.

Liberty Healthcare is a private company paid millions by the state to transition violent offenders from the state hospital into neighborhoods.

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