Shane Brown goes the extra mile for his own marathon

The San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon was originally scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 31, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was postponed. Instead of continuing training for months on end, San Diego native Shane Brown decided to still run the 26.2 miles on Sunday, but on his own marathon path.

“I’m running around Madison High School, its going to be roughly 20 laps or so and this is my first official race” said Brown. However, this marathon means a lot more to Brown than just completing the race and crossing the finish line. “I was dedicating that marathon to my mom who took her life last year”, said Brown. Brown made a promise to his mom and himself he was going to run for her on May 31st, so he decided to keep going and not lose all those months of training and fulfill his goal on May 31.

Brown decided to go the extra mile and turned this marathon into a day to help raise awareness and money for suicide and mental heath. He reached out to San Diego’s Survivors of Suicide Loss organization to ask if he could request permission and pictures from the families who have been affected so he could share their stories too, but organization wanted to do more. They decided to live stream the marathon, but that wasn’t enough for Brown. “I started thinking why don’t we do more, why don’t we make this something bigger than just this one day event so I created my own company called RecUniversal” said Brown.

RecUniversal and the RUn For Your Life event, with the help of Survivors of Suicide Loss San Diego was born. RecUniversal is going to be an organization that provides fitness and recreational events as a platform for all those affected by mental illness, and suicide; a place to Recover Through Recreation. Brown decided to add a virtual 5k to this event as these are the type of events Brown will organize and throw along with yoga sessions, obstacle races, etc. The 5k will run until June 7.

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