Shedding the Winter pounds with Cindy Whitmarsh

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) Are you trying to get rid of those pesky holiday pounds? Cindy Whitmarsh has got you covered with these workouts you can implement into your exercise routine!

Winter body shred down!
(repeat each exercise for an entire minute 2/3 times)

1. 8 count burpee
2. Clean and jerks
3. Knee pull Jack’s
4. Plea curl & press
5. Pulse squat jumping
6. Plyo lung & curls
7. Shoulder tap & Jack
8. Bicycles & rev crunch

Cindy’s nutrition tip of the week!
Don’t drink sugar calories! It’s better to get your calories from real food so you get the fiber to keep you healthier and more satiated throughout the day. The biggest culprits are coffee drinks, smoothies and of course juice and sodas! Read labels and check grams of sugar and calories before you drink!

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