Sheriff Gore Memorial Day Weekend message to stay safe

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Parades, ceremonies and large gatherings won’t be happening on Memorial Day as the coronavirus continues to linger. However, beaches

Though restrictions are easing up, it’s important we do our part to avoid a spike in infections.
San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss what to expect during the holiday weekend.

Sheriff Gore shared his message on encouraging the community to stay safe and healthy and working together to avoid a second wave.
“Our goal is always focused on education and to achieve voluntary compliance, we ask for your cooperation While restaurants, stores, businesses are slowly reopening we shouldn’t let our guard down because COVID-19 remains a serious risk,” said Sheriff Gore.

Restaurant and Shop Owners are being asked to cooperate with the county  in limiting the occupancy to control the flow of customers and diners. Gore said”I understand this is a difficult time, but follow the orders of lifeguards, grocery store employees and other essential workers.  Please don’t take out your frustration on them as they are following health orders just like you.”

Sheriff Gore also warned people about the warming temperatures and staying safe while hiking. So far this year, our helicopters made 19-heat and hiking related rescues across the county. During the same time last year, ASTREA made eleven hiking-related rescues. That’s a 70-percent increase, according to Sheriff Gore.”

Most of the rescues involved people who were unfamiliar, inexperienced or unprepared for the trail. It is important to know your hiking skills and capabilities before you hit the trails. Also, know your limits and bring plenty of water.

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