Sheriff Joe and His 4-Legged “Victims”

The “Toughest Sheriff in America”, Joe Arpaio, came to Rancho Bernardo today. The protesters came too and it was noisy and angry and confrontational. The issues are clear in this battle; pro-illegal immigrant rights groups call him a Nazi and a racist. His point is if you come across the border illegally he is sworn to uphold the law.
Who new he had such a soft heart for animals?

This is not a major headline, but I learned something today while standing in the back of the banquet room at the Rancho Bernardo Country Club. While the Sheriff talked to the 250 people who paid money to hear his message, he alluded to his treatment of animals. He said, “They criticize me because I treat animals better than prisoners!” It's true, he said, I do because homeless or abandoned animals are victims, while convicts are lawbreakers.

Arpaio told the crowd that when he put up his now famous tents outside in the Arizona heat for prisoners, it freed up space in the air-conditioned jail. So, when he was asked to take over animal services for the county, he put the abused and abandoned dogs and cats inside the cool jail and put more prisoners outside in the desert heat. He also claims he spends about $1.00 a day to feed each animal, while he spends about 60 cents a day feeding bologna sandwiches to the inmates. Arpaio told today's luncheon guests that he is proud of that.

If you are a detractor there is a lot to disagree about with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but if you are an animal lover it's hard to fight him on this one. To him, it's better to treat the victims better than the convicts, even if they are dogs and cats.

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