Sheriff to test body cameras

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Over the next three to six months, the Sheriff’s Department will begin testing body cameras, worn on the uniforms of about 80 deputies. 

On Tuesday, County Supervisors unanimously approved the ‘field tests,’ but not before, according to Sheriff Gore, proper policies and procedures were in place.

“I think this is a good idea. I am glad it’s moving forward. Sounds like we have some extensive testing a head of us,” said he a county supervisor.

The supervisors are on board with the Sheriff’s Department moving forward with body cameras worn on the uniforms of deputies, but still are nine months, at least, from full-scale approval.

In fact, until there is community input included as the Sheriff develops policy and procedures on the cameras, followed by months of filed testing, the department will not be joining the San Diego Police Department, which was been outfitting hundreds of its officers with the cameras for nearly a year.

While law enforcement in general said there are many positives associated with the so-called body worn cameras. What would the cameras have meant in Ferguson, Missouri?

“There’s a lot of concerns about when the cameras get turned on. When is it off? A witness to a crime do you record that, maybe a victim of sexual assault, record that? These people have their privacy rights. We want to have all that ironed out before that first camera hits the street,” said Sheriff Gore.

The Sheriff also notes the devices increase accountability on the part of both officers and the public, at the same time, providing evidence of actual events at crime and incidents scenes.

Some 80 Sheriff’s Deputies will wear the cameras, not just patrol deputies, but ones working in detention, and the courts.

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