Sheriff’s department investigating series of East County car break-ins

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) —People in East County took to social media to express concerns after a string of car break-ins the past few weeks. Families said their work trucks were targeted and expensive tools have been stolen.

It’s not exactly how you want to start the day.

“Went to go open his work vehicle and noticed there was glass all over the ground and noticed that his back windshield was smashed,” said Jodi Dykes.

Her husband’s work truck was broken into in Lakeside.

She shared the surveillance video from the camera perched outside her home. It showed two guys checking out her husband’s work truck at 3:30 in the morning. It seemed like one of the men used a flashlight to hunt for anything of value inside the truck.

“He has lock boxes on the back of his work truck. He tries to open those when he gets to the back,” said Dykes. “The other male comes over. They try and open it together and when they can’t open it after a couple minutes, they get in the car and leave.”

Her husband headed out for work just two hours after the crooks wreaked havoc, but he faced an abrupt start to usual routine. There was broken glass scattered on the ground and a busted back window.

“He thought he was just going to be able to get in his truck and go to work and complete his meetings and, unfortunately, that’s not how the day turned out,” said Dykes.

Fortunately the bad guys weren’t able to steal anything, but some folks were not so lucky.

Just the day before, another work truck, a little less than two miles away, was also hit in Santee. It was sitting right outside the family’s home. The suspects didn’t break through the window, but they did go for all the expensive tools.

The Jackson family said over $1000 worth of power tools were gone from their work truck.

“All my stuff is gone,” said Anna Jackson. “What am I gonna do? What am I gonna tell my boss?”

Their neighborhood is quiet, quaint, and safe, but all of that goes out of the window in a matter of minutes.

“Our stuff is stolen and we can’t get it back,” said Jackson. “He doesn’t even feel like making a police report is worth it, that it’s probably gone now, or sold.”

“I think it’s sad that we live in a world where we can’t just park our cars on a street and walk out in the morning and get into them and be okay,” said Dykes.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department is investigating this string of truck break-ins. Officers investigating this case told KUSI the break-ins have been very random. Although there have been quite a few in the past couple of days, they don’t have enough evidence at this point to link the suspects and the work trucks.

The Santee station will send out deputy patrol units to the residential areas of town to keep an eye out and patrol.

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