Sherri Lightner named president of San Diego City Council

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – On Wednesday afternoon, Sherri Lightner became the first female to be elected as City Council President.

Sherri Lightner had challenged Todd Gloria, and she got the job for two reasons. One, the four Republicans became disenchanted with Gloria, and two, the members felt it was time to seat the first woman council president.

Gloria was nominated by David Alvarez for a third term, but that vote failed. Marti Emerald nominated Sherri Lightner and the that vote was 7 to 2 in favor of Lightner.

Todd Gloria lobbied hard to get a third term, but the four Republicans favored Sherri Lightner, stating that Gloria had become too partisan in recent months.

Sherri Lightner took the Council President’s seat and adjourned the meeting.

She is the first woman to act as City Council President for the city of San Diego.

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