Shooting in Lakeside sends schools on lockdown


Students at many Lakeside schools Thursday went into lockdown after reports of a fatal shooting. It happened as they were nearing the end of their school day. Investigators are trying to determine if this is a result of foul play, an accident or a suicide.

After hours of searching, Sheriff's deputies found a semi-automatic pistol hidden in some bushes – a key piece of evidence in a death in Lakeside. Initially, investigators said they were not sure if a crime had been committed. 

“We don't know if it's a homicide, a suicide or something else,” said Lt. Glenn Giannantonio of the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

The body of a white man was discovered just before 2 PM. Sheriff's investigators say he was found sitting against the wall of a garage in a building behind a coin-laundry and a liquor store on Lakeshore Drive. The caller who phoned 911 told of seeing another man take a pistol from the victim's lap.

“He picked up the pistol from the man's lap, cleared the pistol, removed the round from the chamber, put the pistol in his pocket and walked away. He could've taken the gun for who knows what reason.”

As deputies searched for the man with the gun, nearby schools took precaution and went into lockdown. The lockdown lasted just over an hour; El Capitan High and Lindo Park Elementary were some of the schools effected.

“We had somebody who had taken a gun off a person. Obviously, we're going to be concerned about that, whether we feel the gun to be loaded or not.”

Hours after the gun was recovered from the bushes, investigators briefed reporters: the man's death has been ruled a suicide. And the other man who walked away with the gun said he removed the pistol to keep it out of the hands of teenagers and children. He may have seemed suspicious, but sheriff's investigators say his act was well-intentioned and meant to protect others from potential harm.


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