Signatures turned in to approve ballot measure for a Chargers-Raiders stadium in Carson

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Signatures for a Carson stadium were delivered to the City Clerk Wednesday, and the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell discussed a football team in Los Angeles.

It was a petition: mission accomplished parade.

Carson2gether supporters marched to City Hall and handed about 40 boxes of signatures to the City Clerk. The boxes has signed petitions for a ballot measure to approve the Chargers- Raiders stadium project.

Meantime, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reiterated the league’s policy of keeping teams in their current stadiums, unless their franchises are under threat.

“I do expect that we will be hearing from all three teams not only to the league’s staff but also to the committee sometime in late April. We will likely report back to the membership in may,” said Goodell.

Sometime after that, teams wanting to relocate to Los Angeles will be preparing to contact the league about their intentions to move.

Goodell also mentioned his conversation with Mayor Kevin Faulconer several days ago.

“He’s put a very aggressive time frame forward to try to get a solution. I think that’s a positive step and I encourage him to continue down that path. If we can help please let us know. I believe our staff is going out to meet with the task force in the next week or two,” said Goodell.

The Chargers want to stay in San Diego, and the Task Force that is working on a financing plan understands the Chargers need the added revenue a stadium provides.

“We’re gonna come up with ways to generate more revenue for them because there’s no reason to build a stadium for the Chargers if you’re basically gonna say you’re gonna make less money off of that than you were gonna make before. You gotta figure out a way to make more money,” said Jim Steeg.

“We’re gonna meet with the Chargers again to understand what they need, what works for them and what doesn’t work for them, obviously we need a plan that works for everybody:so it needs to work for the Chargers. Obviously they need to be competitive and we want to make sure that our plan respects that as well as protects taxpayers,” said Adam Day. 

The problem is the task force wants to take some of that new revenue that traditionally goes to the team if that bite is too large the financing plan could collapse.

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