Sima Cohen talks Game Day Spread and Athletics for the Mind

Lifestyle expert Sima Cohen visited the studio to share a few healthy food tips for Game Day and talk about how we can exercise our minds.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite athletes can continue at such high level of performance all the time? How can they reach that level of performance and be able to do it with ease every time they play or compete? Sima Cohen, our celebrity trainer and wellness expert is here to share the roadmap to performing at your highest possible level.

This……. is the Game day! Family and friends are at your living room to watch the game, and of course you have to feed them. They come to watch, but the main attraction is the food. Typical game day menu comes fully loaded with fat, salt, processed food and way more calories than anyone of us needs. But not today!

Turmeric and ginger wellness and immunity drinks
Football shaped cheese ball
Variety platter with veggies, fruits, nuts, cheese, dips and crackers.
Gluten free and guilt free Cauliflower Pizza
Mini egg and tuna Kaiser roll sandwiches

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