Sister of Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse passenger who died from COVID-19 speaks about how it was handled

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – We continue our coverage surrounding the Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse that docked here in San Diego last week.

A few days ago we reported the first COVID-19 related death among the passengers, Gerald Paul.

Remember, before the passengers disembarked, San Diego County Health Officials, led by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, and the cruise line said all the passengers were healthy.

Family members say Gerald Paul was healthy, with no underlying conditions. While still aboard the ship, he was told he had the flu and was allowed to disembark in San Diego and fly home to Georgia. Since that time, his wife has also tested positive for coronavirus.

KUSI News spoke with Jennifer Paul-Slater, the sister of the man who passed away, about why her and her family believe the situation was handled poorly.

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