Sit or Stand for an Express Workout

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Fitness Expert Jodi Stolove stopped by Good Morning San Diego to show and explain exercises that can be while sitting or standing.

Some advice Stolove gave includes:

1) Learn an exercise with your “belly button having a magnet on it” and flatten your abs any time, any where!

2) Do a 1 minute fast workout, using compound moves to fire many muscle groups at once, and take away the “no time to exercise” excuse!

3) Understand the importance of toning, building/maintaining muscle as we age. The metabolic furnace of muscle is the closest we have to a weight loss/weight maintenance miracle!

4) Change your mindset and exercise will become a gift you give yourself and those who love you!

5) Practice a new posture that will help you to look 5 pounds thinner and 5 years younger!

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