Skydiver dies after experiencing medical emergency during jump

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) – A skydiver died Sunday after experiencing a medical emergency during a jump from a plane near Otay Lakes Road, authorities said.

The skydiver’s parachute opened and he drifted off course before landing, where a San Diego County Sheriff’s helicopter located him at about 11 a.m., according to Deputy Fire Chief Harry Muns of the Chula Vista Fire Department.

A San Diego County fire chopper lowered a firefighter to where the skydiver had landed, Muns said. He was then transported to Otay Lakes Road and paramedics began performing CPR.

At about 11:40 a.m., the skydiver was pronounced dead and an official with the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office was called to the scene.

The skydiver had been a customer at Skydive San Diego, where the skydive plane took off, since 2002 and had made 40 jumps, according to the company’s business manager, Catherine Bedell. He was experienced and licensed, she said.

“He was really excited this morning to be jumping again,” Bedell said.

A GoFundMe account was created for the Skydiver’s family here:

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