‘Skyjack’ book signing happening tonight at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore

Author K.J. Howe joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about a signing for her new book “Skyjack” taking place tonight.

Howe has spent countless hours researching kidnapping, attending K&R conferences, and interviewing former hostages, elite kidnap negotiators, K&R insurance executives, hostage reintegration experts, and the Special Forces soldiers who deliver ransoms and carry out rescues. Her heroine, Thea, has a very personal connection to captives and their families and has devoted her life to bringing hostages home because Thea’s brother was kidnapped when they were children.

Howe’s background in medical writing has also been an asset in depicting Thea’s character and the daily challenges she faces living with Type 1 diabetes. Thea never lets this disease stop her—and in a career like hers, she has to be extremely careful when it comes to monitoring her blood sugar and diet—even in intensely dangerous situations. Diabetes Forecast Magazine praised Howe’s depiction of Thea’s Type 1 diabetes: “Her books,” they write, “are not just for fans of fast-paced thrillers—but for anyone looking for some diabetes representation in their fiction.”

Skyjack picks up right where her first book, The Freedom Broker left off and never lets up! The Real Book Spy has just included Skyjack in their list of the 50 Must-Read Thrillers Hitting Bookstores in 2018: “After stunning readers with her hard-hitting debut, The Freedom Broker, author K.J. Howe tops herself with Skyjack, a gripping new novel that brings back K&R specialist Thea Paris. Think Under Siege meets Angels and Demons, with a few extra helpings of nonstop action for good measure.”


Book Signing
Friday Arpil 20th
Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
5943 Balboa Avenue
San Diego

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